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Quilts that Honor Friends, Family, and Freedom: The Lancaster Diamond Sampler Quilt

This quilt is one of a small group of similar quilts that were made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the mid-1800s by a group of quilters who referred to themselves as the "girl cousins." They were friends and family, old and young, new quilters and experienced quilters, who got together to visit, to eat, to share knowledge, fabric, and patterns, and to work on quilts. Ann fell in love with this quilt and has been studying it and making the blocks since 2009 - she just keeps discovering more interesting and mysterious features every day about the quilt and the unknown quilter who created it. This fun and informative lecture and trunk show lasts about one hour. Ann will discuss the various techniques used in these quilts. You will learn some surprisingly easy geometry, and even take the Mystery Applique Quiz. This quilt will remind you why you got into quilting in the first place. As part of the program, Ann will discuss the role of quilting in response to conflicts and causes in American history. She will also talk about the Quilts of Valor project. Available as On-Line or In-Person lecture for $350 (In-Person lecture will involve travel and lodging.)

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